Muses Acoustic Band - a beguiling music group in Davao

Muses Acoustic Band - a beguiling music group in Davao

'Muses' is a high-energy group of musicians who love to bring out a unique blend of music genres to the stage. Their music is guaranteed to get you dancing and singing along, and their live performances are experiences you won't forget.

Their band is made up of 3 members, each bringing their own talents and passion for music to the table. From the vocalist to the drummer, to the guitarist, they have all the elements needed to create an unforgettable musical experience.

They have been performing together for a number of years and have built up a loyal fan base. Thanks to their dedication to their craft and ability to connect with the audience.

They have played at some of the most prestigious venues in Davao city and have been praised by critics for their dynamic stage presence and catchy tunes.

If you love music and want to see a band that puts on an incredible live show, then Muses is the perfect choice for you!